Urban Street City

The natural environment joins forces with the urban environment in this exciting new collection of composite imagery that is heavily influenced by the early days of graffiti art and the independent hip hop movement.  Inspired by his relocation to Richmond, VA, Christopher Thomas Limbrick rediscovered photographing the street and began a dialogue between the urban and natural environment.  The combination of this grit and feel encourages further exploration into an ethereal alternate reality.

Prints of these exquisite works are available on print-per-order basis. Please allow between 2-4 weeks for delivery. 

10" - 18" Long Side                     $175.00

18.5" - 24" Long Side                 $325.00

24.5" - 36" Long Side                $450.00

36.5" +  Long Side                      PLEASE CALL

* Please note that panoramic style images will vary in height according to length (long side) selected based on the aspect ratio for that image.