Whether you require original, one of a kind fine art or cost effective prints, we have you covered. From a single work to outfitting an entire high rise, hotel or medical facility, we have exactly the artwork that you need to get the job done.
— Christopher Thomas Limbrick
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Art Drives Business, Period.

Are you leveraging the powerful advantage that artwork offers to convey your business message?


Christopher Thomas Limbrick is an artist with a business background. Having over thirty years of professional management and executive level experience ranging from retail, manufacturing, construction and real estate development, he understands the language of business. Over the last decade Christopher Thomas Limbrick has created a tremendous image portfolio ranging from realistic to abstract subjects in a variety of media. That means we have thousands of authentic and original artworks that can be reproduced to meet any size requirement. We work directly with business owners, as well as Interior Designers, Architects, and Professional Art Consultants. What is your business message? Let’s talk about it.

  • Medical/ Healthcare Organizations

  • Financial/ Banking Institutions

  • Real Estate/ Development Companies

  • Hospitality/ Food Service Sector

  • Architectural/ Construction Firms


Example Images

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Abstract Images

Urban & Street Art Images

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