Christopher Thomas Limbrick

Artist Statement on Photography

The style of the photographs that I create is abstract, because nature itself is abstract. My art is a reflection of nature’s harmonious meditation. I see each creation as an exploration, a journey that is guided by celebration. The exquisite rawness of nature fascinates me. Nature is a powerful force that has no concern for anything.  It cannot be captured, harnessed, or trained; nor can it be ignored.

Nature is purely honest and totally free.  That is how I envision each work that I create.  The four elements of earth and the four seasons are a dominant presence, which create the theme of my work.  While I believe that the world is simply a beautiful playground, where time does not matter, such is the irony that timing is a critical element that drives my creative process.  I strategically utilize the time of day and the time of the season to integrate the colors that Mother Nature provides for me to use in the camera.  The richness of the colors at sunrise or sunset, the subdued earth tones during inclement weather, the light and darkness of the day, the hot and haze of summer and cold clearness of winter are all used with intent. 

When creating my work, I become a witness to the combat that is inherent in nature.  I explore and interpret the dominance and the submissiveness of the masculine and feminine characteristics that appear to continuously challenge one another.  I watch the shifting of natural identities as each one wins and loses.  I remain an observer in this dynamic environment as I enjoy its rawness, its explosive spirit, and its serene meditation.

The majority of my technique is conducted within the camera.  I manually enter the settings and shoot the photograph in bulb mode.  I begin by selecting the location. I then I create the composition or I allow the composition to be created on its own.  I then consider how the time of day and the weather conditions will create the palette of colors and the contrast of light.  Then, I leave it all alone and begin to play.  I let my mind wander and allow my senses to absorb the surroundings.  I allow feeling to subside into clarity.  The moment that the work is created in my mind is the moment that I press the shutter open. When I know that the work is complete, I close the shutter.

The duality of existence is interesting to me.  The balance that we seek in life should not be difficult to find if we are truly seeking it.  Learning about the absence of anything real, the beauty of the truth, the shedding of fear, transcending the weight of care for the past or the future, and understanding the freeness of the moment; that is what drives me.  That is where the art is and that is what I seek to share when I create.

Artist Statement on Painting

I most often work with acrylic paint on canvas, board or paper to create my impression of the absence of thought.  For me, the creative process is about being centered in the moment.  I see my work as an exposition of meditation, an exploration through emptiness.  They are unconscious paintings that are empty of any particular form; with out specificity they are simply abstract renderings of the mind.  My paintings offer me an analog interaction with art that contrasts with the digital production that is my photographic process.  I get to touch and feel with my hands the creation of the art when painting.  I often feel as if it is not my own hand that is moving the paint, but rather the hands of previous lifetimes.  I realize that each work is my mind creating an illusion that I can share.  The canvas and paint only serve as a delivery vehicle transporting that illusion to the viewer.  

My technique is as abstract as the finished work itself.  I use a variety of tools including brushes, knives and squeegees to place the paint upon the substrate. I custom make the large squeegees from wood and acrylic sheets to fit the dimensions of the canvas or board.  I begin each work by building up multiple layers of paint onto the substrate.  Paint is then removed from specific layers in selected areas.  Many layers are rubbed down, sanded or scraped until the majority of the paint is removed.  This process is repeated with some layers being applied in a wet fashion to create a fluid effect, while others are applied dry creating definition and contrast.  

Each painting is a journey to an unknown destination.  The process is an enjoyable one that creates excitement and brings to me much happiness.  I most enjoy never knowing how each painting will look when finished.  I simply paint until I feel that each particular work is complete, the emptiness in my mind has been reached, and the newly created work is ready to be born unto the world. 


Born in 1970 in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  Chris grew up in rural Stafford County, Virginia where he spent his days playing outside.  At an early age he developed a love for the great outdoors and gained a sincere appreciation for the boundless beauty that is the natural environment.

He received a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Mary Washington College in 1995, and in 2010 graduated from the New York Institute of Photography.  After a decade working in the business world as a real estate entrepreneur, he decided to return to his creative roots and to dedicate his life to what truly brings him happiness.  While creating fine art through photography and painting brings its own personal rewards to the artist, Chris most likes that his works allow him to share with others the beautiful world as he envisions it.
Christopher Thomas Limbrick is an American fine art photographer and abstract expressionist painter.  His artwork is inspired by the natural environment and created by utilizing nature’s color palette.  He creates by incorporating a human feeling of a particular moment as he explores the natural elements of the earth.  While observing the interplay of its masculine and feminine characteristics, he bears witness to the inherent dependence of nature to capture its contrasts.  A common spiritual theme joins together his body of work that includes the “The Departure Collection” of photographs and the highly collected acrylic and mixed media paintings on canvas and wood panel.  

His photographic work has been exhibited locally in Fredericksburg, Virginia and in New York City, New York.  His abstract paintings have been included in both regional and national juried exhibitions.  Chris seeks additional opportunities for both exhibition and representation.  Christopher resides in "the city of art", Richmond, VA,  but spends as much time as possible in the Eastern Mountains and the American Southwest where he is most inspired.


Selected Exhibitions 

The Story of the Creative  

See Gallery and Exposition Center        

New York City, NY      

July 25th  -  September 10th  2013

Creatives Rising              

Manhattan Projection Campaign

New York City, NY   September 2013

Art Attack Fredericksburg

Plein Aire Creation/ Exhibition on City Streets

September 14th, 2013

Proof Positive Solo Show 

Artist's Selections from  The Departure Collection 

Bistro Bethem      

Fredericksburg, Virginia USA      

February -  March 2014 


A National Juried Exhibit- Group Show

Liberty Town Arts Center,  Fredericksburg, VA USA

February 2014  

All Media Show

A Regional Juried Exhibit- Group Show

Fredericksburg Center for the Creative Arts, Fredericksburg, VA USA

February 2014


A National Juried Exhibit- Group Show

Liberty Town Arts Center, Fredericksburg, VA USA

October 2014

All Media Show

"All Media" Members Show

Liberty Town, Fredericksburg, VA

December 2015

Limbrick Cubed

Invitational Show "Limbrick Cubed"
Liberty Town, Fredericksburg, VA
Curated by Dolores and Kenneth Lecky, Christina Bendo
September 2015

Artist's Selections

Solo Exhibit, The Departure Proofs

The Betty on Davis, Richmond, VA

September 2016

All Media Show

"All Media" Members Show

Crossroads Art Center, Richmond, VA 

July- September 2017

Printed Matter

Invitational- Group Show

Ponshop Studio and Gallery, FXBG, VA

October - December 2018

Awards & Distinctions

Panel Judge, FLAR Magazine, Vol.4 Issue 2, Fall 2016

Panel Judge, FLAR Magazine, Vol.4 Issue 1, Spring 2016

Cover Artist, Rappahanock Magazine, May 2015 Vol. 1 Issue 8

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