As with many creative endeavors, experimentation often leads to wonderful surprises and beautiful results.  Christopher Thomas Limbrick began experimenting with individual frames of specific elements of the earth, by combining them together in layers.  For example, a section of color from a sunset may layered onto the whitewater of a river.  This creative exploration birthed a new series of works, Composites, that further expanded and deepened the Departure Collection.

The Departure Collection is a body of abstract fine art works defined as the capture of Mother Nature's beautiful and colorful natural landscapes joined with the raw artistic imagination of artist, Christopher Thomas Limbrick, as he explores the masculine and feminine qualities of environmental elements throughout the seasons in a deeply spiritual fashion.

Each Giclee is printed on 100% archival cotton rag using archival ink and then coated with a protective matte finish.  Editions of each work are limited to the printing of ten (10), signed and numbered by the artist and include a certificate of authenticity.

Available Sizes:  

12" x 22"           $   495.00

24" x 43"          $ 1,995.00

36" x 64"          $ 2,500.00