Black and White 

The power of photography captures the beauty of our planet like nothing else can. There is a certain serenity, a particular mindfulness that is conveyed by monochrome and black and white imagery. Sometimes it calm and quiet and other times is can be bold and powerful. I believe that images made during the Winter months best capture the feeling of the cold weather, the wind blowing or the frozen waters in black and white. Many great artists have spent their entire lifetimes perfecting their craft in pursuit of making the perfect landscape photograph. I am proud to be included in this band of artists and I enjoy each moment and every mile trekked while making these images. Each photograph in this Landscape Black & White Collection was made on location while exploring the great outdoors, and each one has a very unique story behind it.

3:2 Aspect Ratio

18” x 12” $ 295.00

24” x 16” $ 545.00

36” x 24” $ 1,200.00

Larger Sizes Available, Please Call for Pricing