Gift from Mother
A Tranquil Afternoon
Painting A Dream
Telling Stories With Friends
Melted Prose
Once Upon A Time
Harvest Day
Maiden Voyage
Rise Of Day
In Slight Of Events
Good To See You
The Beauty Beneath
Settling Down
Far Away Land
Together In Solitude
Serenity (Triptych)
We Were All Born In Africa
Paying For Babylon
Love Poem With Your Name In It
Trespass Upon Beauty
Distant Lands of Promise
A Slow Waltz Through The Seasons
Obscurity From A Distance
Tribute Nineteen
Gathering Momentum
The Breath of a Dragon in Contemporary Form
Life On A Spanish Beach
From Beneath
From Where It Comes (Black)
Strings Attached
When It Rains
African Watering Hole
Daydreaming the Impossible
Never Ending Voyage
Simply Living Playfully
Mystical Tribute
Farther Thought
Purity of Grace
Happy Dance
Put a Spell on Me
Fullfilling Promise
Roots Religion
Babylon Tar
Warm Phonographic Sounds
Just Look At That
From Where It Comes (Red)
Writing Poetry In The Rain
Strength In Love
A Beautiful State
Return to the Earth
Endless Miles of Hiking
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